This blog is to tell the story about the search for and the upbringing of our new German Shepard. We live in Sydney a pretty dog friendly city so we are looking forward to many outdoor adventures!

Saturday, 29 March 2014

Late March Hare

Murphy is growing fast and is doing very well. He had a small case of diarrhea last weekend but he has gotten over that. We brought into the vet for a quick check to make sure it wasn’t anything untoward and he said to feed him some rice with his dinner to settle his small intestine and it worked well. He is pooping like normal again.  J

After watching the DVDs supplied to us by the breeder I’ve learnt a few more training techniques such as, always use a hand command with a verbal command like sit or stay. It will enable the dog to learn to respond to both. The idea being that if he has strayed too far away from you and he is in danger of running out onto a busy road you can signal to him to sit or ly down from a distance that your voice may not carry to. There was also a mention of how to do a correction on the lead while walking. The point being; always do the correction at the shoulder height of the dog so if the dog is small you need to bend down to do it. This has helped and Murphy is responding to us better and paying more attention to us. As he is a puppy and most things he is seeing for the first time are very exciting to him it is very hard to keep his attention on the walks. As things become more familiar to him I hope he calms down and listens to us more. Overall he is doing well on the lead.

There has been no peeing in the house lately, which is great. In Sydney the past week we have had a lot of rain. Murphy doesn’t like going out in the rain so when we are at work he got bored and tore up his bedding. That wasn’t too great. It was also soaking wet so it is up in the bathtub drying off :-/ I left him a rawhide bone to keep him entertained but clearly it wasn’t enough and he found it before I left so it didn’t have the desired effect. The following day I put out 2 kongs and a bone and he behaved much better. It’s all a game. Since being sick he hadn’t dug any more holes but today when I came back from training there were 2 news ones starting so I am not sure what next week is going to entail.

He gets his next set of vaccinations on Friday and then starts his puppy pre-school on Saturday. I am really looking forward to it. I am scheduled to be away that weekend and Mark is to bring him but I think my plans may be cancelled so I can attend which would be great. He will also be able to go into dog parks after Friday as well. I can’t wait to see what he does off the leash.

New bits and bobs:
  • Murphy doesn’t like the wet grass or the rain
  • He now pees on the stones if the grass is wet…such a princess!
  • He gets hiccups like the rest of us
  • He really likes socks and he also got hold of one of my bras… I caught him in time
  • Murphy thinks birds are amazing
  • We have started to master stay and drop commands hope to post a video soon
  • My selfies are getting better!!

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