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Thursday, 13 March 2014

The First Week Continues

As days have all rolled into one at the moment this next post will combine most of this week and the trials and battles we have had J

I’ll start off with the good parts because that’s always nice. Murphy has started to eat more for breakfast and he is still keeping his bedding nice and dry. I am really happy for those small things. I have booked him in for his next round of vaccinations and puppy pre-school. I am really looking forward to being able to take him out for walks as his energy levels are growing and the amount we can burn off in the garden isn’t enough.

The downsides of this week are small but frustrating. He has reverted to charging at the back door again and is not going back into his bed when we want to go back into the house. I believe this is natural behavior for pups to act up and not listen to you but I was foolishly hoping that he would learn it and keep doing it.

He is coping well with being at home most of the day without us. There has been no terrible destructive behavior. He chewed a wire on something we don’t use and most likely never will. He has chewed up parts of a foam mat I have put out for him. Mainly though he has concentrated all his time on chewing his toys which is great.

This morning I decided that I would try to introduce his lead to him again. I would just attach it to him and let him drag it along with him. I needed him to get used to it again, as last time I put it on he wouldn’t stop chewing it and it drove me a bit mad Haha.

Mark is taking him to the vet this evening to get a mini checkup and it would be handy for him to not be going mad with having the lead on him. Murphy has been scratching a lot around his hind legs and his private parts. It’s either down to mozzie bites, our grass irritating him or worse, fleas. As his skin is grey and his fur is so dark I can’t tell the exact reason, so I thought it was best to go to the experts and ask them. Also it is a good time to see how Murphy will do surrounded by other animals and noises. I would like to be there but I’m away this weekend so Mark and Murphy get some boy’s time. Good luck Mark!

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